It’s the biopharmaceutical industry’s mission to find lifesaving treatments. It’s also our responsibility to help patients access those treatments.

While long-term changes are needed to our health care system to ensure it works for patients, the biopharmaceutical industry is working to find ways to help patients today. That is why PhRMA member companies launched the Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT), a web platform designed to help patients, caregivers and health care providers learn more about some of the resources available to assist in accessing medicines. That’s also why direct-to-consumer television advertisements about medicines now include links to member company websites where information can be found about the cost of the prescription medicine.

MAT is a search engine that contains information on more than 900 public and private assistance programs that can help patients access their prescription medicine. MAT also helps people learn more about the costs surrounding their medicines, as well as provides resources to help them better navigate their insurance coverage.

MAT provides help through three easy steps. First, go to and select whether you are a patient, loved one or health care professional. Next, enter the name of the medicines you, your loved one or your patient are prescribed and then enter your personal information or that of your loved one or patient (i.e. age, location, income, insurance coverage and household size). Then hit search. MAT will produce search results that identify programs and resources that might be able to help you. It should be noted that as you fill this information out in the tool, it is both anonymous and confidential.

It is also important to note that MAT is not its own patient assistance program, but rather a search engine for many of the support programs and resources that the biopharmaceutical industry has been offering for decades.

Facing a life-threatening or life-altering illness is difficult enough. Americans have asked the biopharmaceutical industry to provide more information about medicine costs, and they are taking steps to answer the call.

The industry also continues to work with policymakers to advance pragmatic, pro-consumer solutions that help patients access the medicines they need without harming the new era of medicine.

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